Our mission and vision

Makana Aloha Board at UH Maui Scholarship awards

Mission:  To support secular organizations that directly improve the Maui community in the areas of Public Education, the Arts, Healthcare, Animal Welfare and Environmental Conservation.

Vision:  To provide seed capital to fund projects that might not otherwise be funded and help provide a foundation that can be used to build upon for future projects while moving the non-profit organization toward self-sustainability.

Our Passion:

  • Education - We endorse unique opportunities to enhance the education of Maui students within the public school system.
  • The Arts - In appreciation of the Arts, we support organizations make Maui a place where culture and arts can flourish.
  • Healthcare - We believe everyone should have quality, affordable, accessible healthcare.  We encourage innovations that help achieve that goal.
  • Animal Welfare - We, as animal lovers, support those like-minded organizations dedicated to the preservation and well-being of animals on Maui.
  • Environmental Conservation - We support sustainable energy and agriculture alternatives that help preserve the natural integrity of Maui and it's culture.
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