Maui Arts League/Maui Plein Air

  • 2018-$7,000 grant for Maui Art‘s League new website and maintenance and sponsorship of the Artist’s Aloha Fellowship Program in the amount, both for the 2019 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational.   
  • 2017-$10,000 grant to purchase additional Pro-panels for displaying art for sale for additional revenue raising for program. 
  • 2016 −$10,000 grant toward costs of purchasing 81 Pro Panels to be used to display art at the Maui Plein Air art sales events during the Maui Plein Air Festival.   
  • 2015 − $10,000 grant to help fund the costs associated with the Maui Plein Air Art Invitational of 2015.  
  • 2013 −$15,000 grant to help fund the costs associated with the 2015 Maui Plein Air Art Invitational. 2012 − A $15,000 grant to help fund the February 2013 Maui Plein Air art event.  
  • 2012 −$3,000 grant to help produce the Maui Plein Air painting invitational.
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